Learn To Love Yourself

It's harder said then done. Especially in this day and age when trends seem so important. I feel like most of us are constantly thinking of what we need to do, how we need to act and how we need to look in order for others to accept us. There's this constant pressure to fit in and to flow with the crowd. It's understandable. Most of us are a little nervous. We care too much about what others think of us and if they'll like us. So we mold into a person we think others will accept and like. 

Even though it's not technically a "new year" I like to think of "starting fresh" every time school starts. Ya know? It's because that's the time you come back from the summer. It's when you meet new people and find new friends in new classes and yada yada yada. You can re-invent yourself. And I think the first step to doing that is to learn to love yourself. Find what you truly love and what you don't and embrace it all.

love what you do

Be true to what you enjoy to do and don't feel embarrassed about it. Don't hide your hobbies, your favorite sport, your major or any other activities because I promise there's someone out there who does what you do too. I think that we get nervous and think others will find our hobbies stupid or weird. But who cares? If they don't respect what you love to do then that's their fault and they aren't meant to be in your life. 

Personal example: I LOVE planners. More specifically I love putting stickers in my planners. I used to go crazy and decorate them (*insert monkey covering eyes emoji), but I've definitely toned it down. Still I tend to hide my planner whenever I'm in public because I get nervous that people will think the stickers are weird. Which is kinda dumb of me... why should I care if they think my planner is weird? 

love your own look

Fads and trends. Watch out for those. And sometimes we genuinely love trends whether it's a fashion or beauty trend, but other times we dress only to impress. I mean that is what dressing up is. It's to impress others and that's fine unless you're wearing things you actually don't like. In that case don't waste your money if you want something for all the wrong reasons. You don't need the newest pair of nike's or a loki bracelet to be cool or to seem "in". I mean, get them if you actually want them for you, but not if it's only for someone else. That's pointless. So maybe go through your stuff and see what you actually want to wear verses what you think someone else wants to see you wear.

Personal Example: I currently want an Apple Watch. But not for the right reasons. I want it because I like the way it looks... sounds bad, but I think it looks cool. I want it because of the name, the look and the idea of it. But I don't really I don't actually want it for me; I don't even really like it that much... mainly just the idea of it.

love who you are

This one is probably the most crucial and you have all heard it before. Be yourself. You don't have to act the exact same as everyone around you. If someone has a great sense of humor then that's wonderful; laugh with them. You don't need to feel pressured to be just as funny as they are. And I think personalities come down to one driving factor that some of us have: competitiveness. There's no need to try to out-do anyone else or be just as loud, funny, quiet, sarcastic or energetic (etc) as they are. Be yourself, because that's what makes you you.

Personal Example: I'm quiet at first. It takes a while for me to be outgoing in a large group of people. I like to observe and kinda take my time, mainly because I don't want to try and speak over anyone else. But I've had moments where I've wished I weren't so quiet. That I was more outgoing right away or that I was naturally funny and could make everyone laugh for days. But being a little more laid back and quiet at first is who I am and there's nothing wrong with that.

>>> Also don't get confused with becoming someone else and being inspired by someone else. There's a difference. You can watch someone and copy their every move and persona or you can be inspired by someone's energy and want to implement that in parts of your life.

So there you have it. Some ways to really challenge yourself to think and analyze who you truly want to be. This way you can "find yourself" and then learn to love exactly you who are and not who others want you to be.


We constantly think about the things we want to change about ourselves & the things we aren't fond of so make a list. Make a list of at least ten things you like about yourself and the things you wouldn't change for the world. Let this be something you can constantly look back on and let it help you remind you of all of the reasons for you to love yourself.

Start realizing who you are and loving every inch of it. Learn to love yourself.