Appreciating Solitude | Pre-Move Excitement

One month. In about one month I will be moving out of my beloved apartment and into a new one all by myself. My excitement kicked in ever since I signed the lease and now I'm more pumped then ever. Don't get me wrong. I like my roommates, but I cannot wait to be on my own. My apartment will truly be my own safe haven. No one else to worry about, to clean up after or to argue with. Just me and my own solitude. 

To start off my excitement I began collecting some home decor for the new place. It's crazy how every year you change your aesthetic. And I definitely want something completely different for next year. Since it'll just be me and my decor I want everything to be cohesive. I want it to be simple and clean with earthy tones everywhere. Browns, greens, blacks, greys, whites and a little yellow. My inspiration actually came from just one tapestry from Target. It's white with cute little succulents on it and some random spots of yellow and skin tones. While Target had tons of other cute home decor items, it all was a little too pricy for me. So, I decided to do the typical money saver technique and DIY my own apartment decor. 

the mug

So this isn't exactly decor but it's one of the easiest DIYs ever. I had a paint pen already so I just used it to draw this cute little tea bag (inspired by Pinterest of course) on a nice white mug. ...and you can always use a sharpie or black puffy paint if you don't happen to have a paint pen.

Store Bought Total: $10-15 \\ My Total: $1.99.

the urban outfitters inspired wall art

I feel like I've seen these everywhere. Urban Outfitters especially. And even though the ones they sell are obviously nicer, they're like $30. For this I literally went outside and found a tree branch on the ground and then cut up some yarn that I had gotten maybe a year or two ago for a christmas gift (s/o to mia - thanks for the yarn). Another easy DIY, I swear anyone can do this.

Store Bought Total: $20-60 \\ My Total: $0 ...or about $6-10 if I had bought yarn

the witty pillowcases

Another home decor trend I've been seeing a lot lately. And honestly, the price ranges a ton, but if you were to get the good quality stuff I promise you would spend more then you want to on pillow cases. This was again - easy. I bought these pillow cases from Target and then already had a fabric pen so it was pretty cheap too. Pinterest inspired the quotes and I just wrote everything out myself. Another idea would be to print out the quotes on some iron on paper and then iron it on if you want them to look cleaner.

Store Bought Total: $30+ (for both quotes/pillows) \\ My Total: $9.99

the wall art i came up with

Not the cork board (even though I made that too), the things hanging off of it. I wanted to make something that could go by my front door. Kind of like a key/mail/junk holder, but better. So I used the pouches that the pillow cases came from and then cut out a pocket from a tote bag. Then I sewed them onto some wooden skewers and tied some string on the ends so it could hang nicely on the wall. I figured I could put my keys in them, some sunglasses, my wallet, mail or whatever I need to grab and go. Plus they're cute and don't look as cluttered and I've never seen anything like them! ...I'll call them trendy wall pockets?

My Total: $2

the overview

I am over the moon excited to move. It'll be so nice to have my own place, but the first step to making it my own is decorations. I love buying things too and I admit there are a few things I  have bought, but having those homemade items really make the space one-of-a-kind. So even if you don't live alone, you can definitely make your space unique to you and DIYs never hurt when creating your own safe haven.

Enjoy solitude and get crafty.