Ben & Becky | A Belle Noelle Wedding

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working at my second wedding for my internship with Belle Noelle Events + Design. While we only managed the reception there was still much work to be done. Tables to set up, chandeliers to hang and candles to light. It’s all kind of a blur since we spent hours upon hours just setting up, but it was still super fun!

Throughout the day my tasks remained pretty much the same. I did general assisting tasks and helped with set up, tear down and managing the guests, but I spent the majority of my time behind the camera. While I enjoyed the video from my first wedding I came a lot more prepared to Becky & Ben’s reception in order to complete my main task of documenting everything. I captured some key moments from the reception as well as the behind-the-scenes from Belle Noelle’s point of view. Enjoy. (: