Why Art Fairs Are Awesome

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Edina Art Fair. Even though it was raining I decided to get out of my apartment and go explore. The amount of artists were incredible and I still don’t know if I even got to see them all. I can say that I got lost multiple times and found myself walking along the same two rows for a while. Anyways, it was great. 

I can't tell you how much I love art fairs. I seriously think they're awesome. I used to dislike them though. Way back when, my mother would bring me to them and I remember I would get bored just walking around and looking at tent after tent of artwork. I realize now that I didn't really understand or appreciate art at that time. 

Here's why they're awesome (incase you've never been to one)


Art fairs have free admission! It's a great way to just get out, walk and look at something new without spending loads of money-unless you buy something!


There's normally some sort of food art fairs. There are tents for smoothies, chocolate and sandwiches. Then of course, there's sometimes a nice line of food trucks. It's all delicious and it's all food you wouldn't always find near you. So something new and delicious to try!


Art Fairs bring together the community of locals, artists and creative minds. It's a great way to see some local and out of state artists. Plus, the art community is extremely welcoming. I love walking around art fairs; everyone is so kind and it's super cool to hear each artist's stories.

ART (duh)

Obviously the art itself is incredible. There's always a huge variety of crafts to choose from too. Woodworking, painting, photography, pottery and the list goes on and on. Each artist has their own taste and are unique from one another. Not only that, their artwork is completely different than what you can find in a Target or Pottery Barn. I can't tell you how much I appreciate items that are handmade rather than store bought.


That may seem weird, but my favorite part about going to art fairs is supporting the artists. Many of them do this for a living. They're self made and while they need an income, it's also obvious that they're doing something they love despite whether they make a lot of money from it or not. So even though the art is normally more expensive then something store bought, I'm willing to pay the price because I truly appreciate the time and effort the individual put into the piece and like to support their work.

So yea, art fairs are awesome. You should definitely check one out if you've never been to one! They also serve as a great place to find unique christmas gifts for the fam (that means family).