David & Sophia | A Belle Noelle Wedding

This weekend I had the pleasure of working my very first wedding for my internship with Belle Noelle Events + Design. It was a long day, but spectacular and worth every minute of my time. 

I started by doing some general assisting tasks. I helped set up both the ceremony and reception areas. I ran around checking in with the bridal party and did tasks given to me by the lead planners. It was a lot of hustle & bustle, but still fast-paced and energetic. Even when there were stressful moments, I was happy to be there and eager to help out wherever I could. 

Throughout the entire day I filmed. I made sure to include the behind-the-scenes of set as well as bits and pieces from the wedding itself (the finished product is down below). It was awesome. Following the bride and groom around, taking endless amounts of video and witnessing it all unfold was so cool.

I couldn’t help but smile the entire night, even when I was just behind the camera or in the background. Both the bride and the groom were so kind, constantly greeting and thanking everyone who was working throughout the entire day. Not only that, but David & Sophia’s love for each other was so genuine. The way they looked at each other was adorable. While they only had about 70 people total, the small number made the atmosphere very intimate and real. It really was like watching a real-life fairytale or a Disney movie with the perfect happy ending.

This day makes me so amped for all the weddings to come. I can’t wait to continue this journey with Belle Noelle & watch more lovebirds tie the knot. 

Here is the video (:

*Keep in mind that this is not professional. I enjoy filming and creating these little movies and am still learning every day how to improve my skills. Trust me, I know that this video is not very good when it comes to the technical side! There are parts that are out of focus, parts where you can hear the camera lens focusing, you can see the rolling shutter and in general the editing could be better, etc., etc., etc. I’m very aware of how unprofessional this video is, but I still hope I was able to capture at least some of the many special moments. Enjoy (: