The Sweet Taste of Summer

I’m officially done with school for the year! There's technically still one week left for finals, but I got lucky. Most of my finals were take home tests or papers and typical me did them ahead of time so woohoo. I'm done. (:

Last week, I went on a bike ride with one of my friends (Kyle, she's the one on the bike) and got Izzy’s ice cream. It was a small taste of summer and I can't wait for more days like that one. Like most people (who actually get a summer break… so not real, full-time working adults other than teachers) there are so many things that I’m looking forward to as well as a ton of things I hope to do. So here’s a list. I’m mainly doing this as a way to reflect back later, but I hope it also gives you some inspiration about how you want to spend your summer break-if you have one. (:

>These are in no particular order<


Actually though, I plan on having some days where I do nothing. Or almost nothing. I’ll call them lazy days where I will watch endless amounts of Netflix, lay out in the sun, eat unhealthy amounts of dark chocolate and other junk food. I’ll cuddle with my dogs, and overall be lazy without any responsibilities what-so-ever. 


Sounds weird, I know. But in the past I’ve been pretty busy with dance team and never got to work a lot. Now, I have plenty of time to take on extra shifts. Plus, I genuinely love all of my jobs. I have no complaints about teaching dancers, helping out at weddings or corporate events, cleaning a yoga studio or volunteering at a homeless shelter. So yea, I’m excited to work. Who doesn’t like to get paid for doing things they like?


I mean this is pretty obvious and self-explanatory, but I’m excited to spend more quality time with my friends and family. It’ll be nice to hang out with my friends instead of studying with them and I’ll love having quality conversations with my family instead of complaining about my school load. I’m excited to go to bonfires, parties and meet up with friends who went to college far away. Time with loved-ones is something I always look forward to. 


This is a hope. I feel like I say this before every summer. I make those summer bucket lists and promise to cross something off everyday, but then I get lazy and it never happens. So I truly hope this summer will be different and filled with spontaneous adventures. I want to do all the simple shit like walk around Lake Calhoun, get ice cream and go to my local farmer’s market more often. I want to go to a drive-in movie, lay out on the beach and finish the day sipping on a pineapple drink from Chino Latino. Then I wanna do all the bigger (and a little more pricy) things. I want to go on a road trip; to embrace my inner childhood-self and ride rollercoasters at Valley Fair and to eat unhealthy amounts of even unhealthier food at the State Fair. I want to go see a broadway musical, stroll through the Uptown Art Fair and spend an entire day at the Renaissance Festival. So many things to do, so little time and an even smaller amount of money. But still, I hope I can check at least some of them off this summer.

Summer 2016 here I come.