Zucchini made into noodles = zoodles.

I love these. I never thought I would because I love pasta as is, but I would be fine replacing regular noodles with zoodles any day because they are so good. I mean it too. They actually taste great. Here's an overview in the form of pictures of how I typically make them.

Yum... I'm hungry just looking at it. The very first time I made zoodles I used a peeler to make the noodles, but I prefer the consistency of just slicing the zucchini into smaller strips. I like adding onions for extra flavor and even though I usually use coconut oil when I cook butter taste better with zoodles. The seasoning from Noodle's buttered noodles is my favorite on pasta so I made my own! Just a little salt, pepper and italian seasoning, plus I added some garlic salt just to kick it up a notch. Finally, I topped it off with some fresh sharp cheddar and whole wheat toast on the side. (: I know I already said it, but it's so good. Definitely give it a try!

And remember, anyone can cook (← ratatouille reference).