Did It Myself

I’ve been seeing these bolo necklaces everywhere lately, for those of you who don’t know what those are a simple google search will do the trick. Or if you know what a bolo tie is then a bolo necklace is practically the same thing. Anyway, I always thought they were cute, but I was never in love with any of them enough to buy them. So I decided to make them myself, that way I could personalize them; make them one-of-a-kind. (: Here's a little overview of how I did it.

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I bought all of the materials at my local Michael's craft store except for the scissors and glue (which I already had). All of the cords I got were 3 meters long, but I did end up cutting them down to 2 meters or more depending on how many times I looped them around my neck. I also got thinner cords to wrap around the ends and to create the mini tassel.

These were all relatively easy to make except for the little tassel, which was a little tedious and time consuming because it kept getting tangled as I tried to wrap it around the carabiner. Otherwise, they took only about 2-4 minutes to make! As you can see I added pendents to the rope-like on and brown one, but I didn't do anything to the black one. Instead, I just looped it around twice and did a double knot to still make it interesting.

This DIY was inspired by The Sorry Girls on YouTube, but I adjusted it to my own personal wants, budget and to what I could get access to. You should definitely check their channel out for a more instructive tutorial on how to make these yourself!

I've already worn all of them and they've become one of my new obsessions and a summer staple. Plus, I'm pretty proud for making them myself. They ain't too shabby. 


ps. Hope you love that white bag as much as I do. It's pretty fun to grocery shop with. (:

> Hope you like this nice iPhone camera quality ;)

> Hope you like this nice iPhone camera quality ;)