The Shoot 2 MN

When you love fashion, there is no weekend. Everything just blends together.
— Carine Roitfeld

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I am beyond excited to share my first event as an intern at Belle Noelle Events + Design. I attended the first Shoot MN in fall of 2015 and was blown away by it. I loved seeing the behind-the-scenes perspective of the fashion world, which is a world I have always wanted to be apart of. I was ecstatic when I learned that I would be working the 2nd Shoot this spring. It was thrilling to be apart of such a genuine and creative community. The talent this group of Minnesota makers has it astounding and it was wonderful to be able to see their entire process laid out before everyone. 

This event had it all. As you entered, you had the option for free valet parking and the choice of getting fresh juice, yummy tacos or both from the two food trucks that outlined the enterance. From there you entered the venue, Shelter Studios which was filled with natural light that flooded the entire area. Shops were set up by each designer and a changing room was stationed toward the back so you could test out their products. There was beautiful furniture in the center of the venue for visitors to mingle and enjoy their surroundings as well as free coffee by the Minneapolis Coffee Cart. Then of course, was the main event. The live photoshoot where you could witness the models getting their makeup and hair done, jumping onto the set and posing for multiple shots. From there, you could see the shots being projected onto an entire wall as they were being taken. The atmosphere was lively, energetic and captivating.

Today, I was in charge of media. I had the opportunity to capture constant footage with my intense (jk average) photography and videography skills. To be more specific, I created multiple time lapses. At the last Shoot, I Instagrammed a time lapse of the photoshoot and it became one of the top posts of the entire event. Naturally, Belle Noelle requested I do that same thing this time around as well. So I did, but this time I had an idea that came to me the night before (as it normally does). I created a time lapse of not only the photoshoots, but the experience as a whole. I brought the viewer through the event, starting from the food trucks all the way to the photoshoot. I walked through the stores, checked out the fresh coffee and watched the models complete their makeup as the photoshoot went on. It took forever, I would start the time lapse, but then when I got inside and near the end something would be missing. The projector was not working or no one was mingling in the lounge or the photographer was waiting for the models to change. So, I'd have to restart and go all the way back. It was a lot of walking but definitely worth it.

It was a long day, but it was awesome. I spent 8 hours being surrounded by some of Minneapolis's most creative minds. I had to take pictures of people with incredible style, models getting done up and people making food. I had to pet dogs, mingle with people who have the same love for fashion as I do and watch a creative process unfold. Clearly, there's not a lot to complain about. Honestly, even though this was my first Belle Noelle event it might always be my favorite.

| All photographs and videos were taken and edited by me |


p.s. This is the first video I've ever pieced together, so forgive the extreme lack of professionalism. 

Music: Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix) by Oh Wonder