Remember What Is Relevant

I admit it.

I have been caring a little too much about the numbers. Specifically the numbers surrounding Instagram. I've been tracking who has been following me, who has unfollowed me, who likes which pictures, how many likes I get, etc., etc. I used to just use Instagram to mindlessly release some creativity and create fun pictures, caption and themes. And I definitely still do that, but lately, I've been so focused on the outcome that I haven't been caring about the content itself. 

I felt like what I was posting had to be good enough for everyone to follow; for everyone to care about. With every picture I posted, I obsessed over the outcome. Hoping for a certain amount of likes and being utterly disappointed when the numbers didn't match my expectation. I found myself slightly annoyed and upset when I lost followers. Particularly people I knew on a personal level and followed back. I realized I was trying way too hard to be "successful" on Instagram.

I recently read a new favorite blog of mine and found a post that connected my thoughts perfectly. It reminded me that society lies to us and persuades us. Society says that to be successful we must have fame and fortune. We must know everyone and have endless amounts of followers and "friends." We must get the most likes, shares or traffic on our profiles. Society says that to be good enough, we have to be successful, but not our version of success. We have to be society's definition of success.

I've come to realize and remember that the way society portrays success is irrelevant. The numbers: the amount of followers, likes, comments or shares are irrelevant. The numbers don't matter.

It's the content itself that matters. More specifically how that content makes you feel. That's what matters. In the end we're trying to capture memories, works of art and pieces of our lives. Not likes, not followers and not comments. Like I said, those numbers are irrelevant when we compare them to the importance of the moments we are actually capturing. Whether it's simplistic beauty or an extravagant design. Maybe it represents something big, something small or nothing at all. It really doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. 

You are relevant. Your happiness is success. The numbers are not.