You Should Vote

I honestly didn't realize how much I actually care about politics, about democracy and about this election until today. This morning I had butterflies in my stomach and I was full of excitement. This was my first time voting for the President of the United States and I was happy to have the ability to exercise my right to vote; to have a say. 

Later on, someone close to me said they were not voting at all because they did not like either candidate. This was the turning point for me and I suddenly realized how much I cared about democracy. I was overwhelmed with surprising feelings of anger and sadness. I tried to convince them that voting is necessary, especially in this election. I didn't send information on who they should vote for, only why they should vote. I sent elaborate texts about my own views as well as some articles. Still, this person said they would not vote and then I started crying.

I am shocked that I started crying, because in the end, why should I care whether someone else chooses to vote? It's their decision and technically it's not my business whether they vote or not. As Amy Schumer said, it's 100% up to them on whether they want to be a "good citizen or a steamy dump."

The point is, I was pissed and sad and crying. I just couldn't understand how someone could just not vote. However, this person is a standard white male, so no matter the outcome he probably won't be massively affected on an individual level. However as an Asian female, my rights could be directly affected.

The thing I realized the most though, is that voting it not just about me or you or a single individual. It is not just for your own rights, but for everyone's rights. Yes, a single vote is just that, one. But millions upon millions of votes are powerful and we can't become powerful until everyone steps up to plate and voices their opinion. If you care about your rights as a citizen of the United States of American then you should vote. 

Voting isn’t just about voting for yourself, it’s about voting for the people you care about and voting on behalf of the country. Your vote matters.