Meet Bunnie the Bunny

I have been wanting a pet ever since I moved into my own little place and I'm excited to finally say that I'm a mother of Bunnie the bunny. Well, temporary mother. It is actually the perfect arrangement. A friend of mine is the true owner of Bunnie, but is currently a freshmen in college so she lives in a dorm and her parents were tired of taking care of her pet. I mentioned that I wanted a pet, so she said I could take care of Bunnie for her freshmen year of school. It'll be a short time, but I'm excited to have this small little one (that won't get noticed by my landlords like a dog would). It's a win-win situation too. (: 

She's extremely sweet too. Doesn't bite, doesn't scratch... just eats, sleeps and lets me pet her and feed her carrots.


p.s. mom if you're reading this, please don't get mad. <3 (: 

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