Thankful For : My Body

    Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I always try to be thankful for everything, but lately there’s been something very specific on my mind. My body. Or bodies in general and the society’s unattainable expectations about how all of our bodies should look in order to be accepted. 

    I feel like this topic is on almost everyones mind (at least women’s) at some point or another. Now, I love doing exercise programs and eating challenges… and while I wish that my motivations for doing them were all for inner beauty reasons, I’d be lying if I said that. Like everyone else, I am unsatisfied with parts of my body and find myself wishing to change something here or there. If only I had a flat stomach or smaller arms, I wish I looked like her or looked like that. I think we are all so caught up in thinking about what our bodies look like that we forget what they can do.

    So today that’s what I wanted to do.

"My body is amazing. It astounds me every single day. Every morning I wake up, my heart pounding and my brain turning because my body can do that. My body moves: it lets me walk, jump, and skip. I’ve been able to do the things I love because my body allows me to. My body is strong and somehow it’s always stronger then I think. I’ve danced, rock climbed, swam with dolphins and practiced yoga. I’ve been able to balance on my feet and on my hands. My body lets me connect with people. I can wave, cuddle, hug and high-five. My body takes me places: on road trips, on airplanes and all over the world. My body is beautiful inside and out, because my body is mine. I am thankful for my body, because my body is incredible." - OC

My body, OUR bodies are amazing. They might not look how society wants them to, but they sure do kick ass.

Never forget to be grateful for your body, because it is wonderful and it allows you to do even more wonderful things in life.