Whole 30 | Reintroduction

After I hit day 30 I figured I was home free and everything would go back to normal, but man was I wrong. The reintroduction part of Whole 30 is without a doubt, just as bad as the very first week of starting Whole 30. It's crazy how bringing back foods you used to eat (and feel just fine with afterwards) can mess with you post Whole 30. Here's what I found.

gluten free grains

When I reintroduced gluten free grains I had rice and a bag of gluten free chips. I felt the effects right away and had mild headaches all day. The second day (which is when I went back to Whole 30) I still felt like shit. I had constant headaches and felt myself wanting to nap by 2pm. This was the first food I reintroduced and I found myself feeling scared about reintroducing anything else, knowing it would probably make me feel this way.


When I hypothetically added alcohol back in for a day I didn't feel anything different then when I used to hypothetically consume alcohol. So in the end, I had the same side effects I would've had anyways... well hypothetically. (:


More specifically soy. I had sushi and rice with soy sauce and it was incredible. My stomach was a little upset afterwards, but it was pain-free, manageable and completely worth it. 


Ooh... this one was not okay. I felt my stomach churn soon after the consumption of cheese and put nicely, the aftermath was no fun and not pretty. I also became bloated within the hour and felt like crap. There wasn't any pain though, which was definitely a plus.


Absolutely not. Bloating, headaches galore, stomach pains and a constant groggy feeling. This one was the worst and I definitely don't think it's worth all those negative side effects. 

So now what?

Time to create my own whole 30. (:

My own whole 30 will start next Monday when I get back from Chicago, because starting it while I'm traveling would just be stupid. So here's my version of whole 30:

- EAT: fruits, vegetables, proteins, + healthy fats ALL DAY EVERY DAY(:
- EAT lentils whenever I want
- EAT gluten-free grains 1x a day... I think my body can get used to this one
- EAT dairy 2x a week but only if I crave it... so maybe weekends and special occasions
- EAT grains containing gluten NEVER... unless it's a super duper special occasion and I can't avoid it
- hypothetically CONSUME alcohol whenever I want... which is really only like 4x a month

Overall, I think these "rules" will come naturally as I decide how I want to feel. I'm so glad Whole 30 has made me realize exactly which foods make me feel a specific way. In the end, Whole 30 was not a waste of time. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It was a wonderful learning process from which I am going to apply to my life. 

so... goodbye whole 30 (round one) for now (:


Olivia Corcoran