hello & welcome to my digital abode

I’m Olivia, an average human that loves petting every dog possible, teaching a kick-ass yoga sculpt class, and randomly dancing to my record player.


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a small history

I started this blog in 2016 and have “re-launched” it multiple times; every time announcing that I would take it seriously for once. Eventually I realized that I don’t want to take it seriously, because let’s be honest. I’m not that serious about it. When I say this is my digital abode, I mean it. It’s a little piece of home that I can take everywhere as long as I have a good WiFi connection. This blog contains some personal shit and some fun shit and some fashion shit… so yea, lots of random shit. But I love it because it’s mine and it’s fun. It’s a way to share the things I love, but most importantly it’s my way of documenting some fun times. If you read it, then cool. If not, then that’s also cool.